BTS’s RM Expresses His Sincerity And Gratitude In New Year’s Message To Fans

Who’s ready for another great year with BTS!

To start off the New Year, BTS’s RM left a heartfelt message on Weverse for their fans.




RM expressed how afraid yet happy he was to have been able to perform in New York for the New Year.


Hello everyone. This is my New Year’s message. It is because all of you reading this message right now that we are able to welcome the New Year in New York. It is truly an honor. During our break time, I was able to have a lot of conversations with the officials here. I told them that I was afraid and still afraid now, but I had a good feeling. I was scared the whole time. Everything was so unfamiliar to me. I don’t know how many times I rubbed my eyes to make sure what I was seeing were really scenes from the movie “Home Alone.” There are still times where I feel so small. But when I raise my head and look next to me, I see our members and suddenly “we” seem so big. It really is amazing. I feel like I am Gulliver one moment and a dwarf the next.



Although RM knew what was most important, everything felt new to him there.


The officials told me this. Isn’t it about sincerity after all. I was able to see this and I still see it now. This is the most important and the main reason. This is all things that I’ve heard before, but it all felt new to me today.



He also revealed his thoughts about how people could be suspicious of their love.

Anyway, we started off as strangers, who became like friends offline, like a name in a vast network of waves. We may sometimes be suspicious of each other. Is that person speaking the truth? Is this love real? They are saying they love me but is that love real? And things like that….




He hopes to work harder than before so that everyone can understand and feel the sincerity of their love and gratitude.

So this year, just like any other year, or maybe a little bit more, I want to live in a way so I can show my deep sincerity to even just one person of our support and love. I will not be shaken and I will take the words ‘I love you’ and just understand it for exactly how it means. I wish we could be meaningful to each other. Rather than hiding our happiness, I hope that our deep love and sincerity will fill each other.



RM revealed that the last ten years has been nothing but BTS and that without BTS and ARMY he would have nothing.


The last ten years have been filled with BTS and ARMY. I will work hard to make 2020 great as well. Please keep a look out. I will look out for everyone too. Looking back, I thank you and love you all for allowing us to do all that we do. Happy New Year!






Fans showed support and thanks to RM for expressing his gratitude and sincerity.


















Fans are proud to have such a great leader for BTS and can’t wait to see what new things are in store for 2020!