BTS RM’s Collaboration With Younha Was Actually A Wish Come True After A Past Profile From 2015 Resurfaces

He fulfilled his wish to work with an artist he looked up to.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and take a look at BTS RM’s profile that he filled out during their “I NEED U” comeback. The members held an interview with The Star and each filled out a profile questionnaire in 2015. Let’s take a look at what RM’s motive was to become an artist and what type is his ideal girl!

Name: Kim Namjoon (named from a naming center and means someone who is observant and outstanding in the South

Blood type: A

Family: mother, father, younger sister, dog

Birthday/Sign: September 12, 1994/Virgo

Conception Dream: Can’t really remember…a snake I think

School: Hwin Dol Kindergarten, Baek Shin Elementary, Ohma Elementary, Shinil Middle, Ilsan Daejin High, Apgujeong High

Personality: A bit impatient but is also quite detailed and emotional. I have a lot of thoughts. I have a lot of emotional highs and lows.

Hobby/Skill: reading, internet, strolling around/writing lyrics, writing poems

Habit: Rotating my arms, putting my hands on my mouth

Motive to become a singer: I thought hip-hop as a genre and the idea of rapping was so enthralling. I wanted to tell my story with my voice too.

Favorite food: meat, raw meat, knife noodles, ramyun

Confident cooking dish: ramyun

Favorite Sports: skating, inline skating, ski

Favorite Movie: Leon

Things I like to Collect: clothes, goth clothes

Favorite Nickname: RapMon, Mon, RM, Natnu

Close Celebrity Friend: Jackson…?

Celebrity I’d Like to be close with: Everyone who is talented (+Younha)

His wish to be close with singer Younha came true five years later as she reached out to him earlier this year in January asking if he would like to collaborate with her for her new album. Although RM was busy with his hectic schedule, he was delighted to be a part of her project and worked digitally to get the song done.

TV Program I’d Like to Appear On: “Welcome Back to School” because I want to go to school again

Fashion Style: Usually goth style, black, one tone colors. I try to wear a variety of different styles.

Ideal Girl Type: A sexy woman, a woman that has a nice voice and can talk with me for a long time, someone who knows how to be moderately feminine.

3 Things on my Bucket List: Love so hard I feel like I could die, succeed as an artist, make a happy family and be a good son to my parents

Life Motto: Let’s live sexy

BTS Ranking of Best At Entertainment and Why: We’re all pretty much the same but I guess RM, V, Suga, J-Hope> Jungkook, Jin, Jimin (could have potential).

Question to ask the fans: When do you all feel sexy?