Jin Finishes BTS’s Room “Curated For ARMY” With Items That Will Make You Cry

Jin has always been so thoughtful in everything he does.

To welcome the release of BTS‘s album BE (Essential Edition), they have created “Curated for ARMY,” in which they designed a room for their fans. Each member revealed decorations for the room every day until Jin completed it on the last day.

Jin, who has always been known to be thoughtful and creative, chose a puppy and a piano to finish ARMY’s room.

Just the existence of a puppy is therapeutic. I hope that this puppy can give a little bit of comfort and consolation in ARMY’s daily life. How about ‘Bangtani’ for its name? If you had a tough day, let it all out to Bangtani like you’re talking to us. I’m sure Bangtani will be by your side in no time to comfort you.


| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Bangtani happened to remind fans of Jin’s pets who have passed away: Jjangu, Eomuk, Odeng, and Gukmul. Jin’s deep love for his pets has always inspired ARMYs. He even dedicated the song “Tonight” in memory of his pets. It’s obvious that he wishes ARMYs could be comforted by pets just as he did.

Jjangu | @BTS_twt/Twitter
Odeng or Eomuk (Unclear) | @BTS_twt/Twitter

The piano is an instrument that resonates with many people, and someday I hope to play a song that can resonate in ARMY’s hearts. …I think a piano tune makes you recall fond memories. Think back and reminisce about your fond memories with us with this piano.


| @bts_bighit/Twitter

The piano reminded fans of a song that resonated with them, “Epiphany.” Jin performs this song on stage while playing the piano. It’s a performance that ARMYs often have fond memories of.

Of course, fans deeply appreciated his thoughtful decorations, and soon #Bangtani and “Seokjin” trended worldwide.

| @jinnieslamp/Twitter

Jin’s entry proved as the perfect entry, warming fans’ hearts and creating a precious piece of art for them.

Source: iBigHit


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