BTS’s J-Hope Has Zero Respect For The “Elderly”, AKA Suga

“Age before beauty” did not apply when BTS played computer games.

BTS‘s “grandpa” Suga has no patience for today’s youth, and it turns out that the feeling is mutual!

First, let’s take a moment to discuss what makes Suga “elderly”. Is it his love for the good old days?

Or, perhaps, his grandpa-ish grumpiness?

If you answered “yes” to all of the above, you’re right, but there’s one more thing that makes Suga ancient in spirit.

In Episode 108 of Run BTS!, the members continued their eSports tournament from the previous episode. They played a kart racing game and an obstacle course race before ending the tournament with a silly battle royale called Gang Beasts. 

For this game, each member chose a unique character then used that character to push his members to their “deaths”. Suga’s avatar was the perfect choice: a blue old man with a long, white beard.

Old, shmold! J-Hope, who chose a bovine avatar, had zero respect for the elderly. He would’ve knocked out Suga’s dentures if it meant getting extra points!

During the practice rounds, Grandpa Suga and Bull J-Hope playfully called each other game-appropriate names while duking it out.

To add insult to injury (or should I say injury to insult?), J-Hope accidentally smacked Suga’s wrist after the games ended!

That said, between pummeling whippersnappers with his arthritic fists and hiding at every available opportunity, Suga did pretty well for himself in Gang Beasts!