Welcome To The BTS Gun Show — Admission Is Free

The members rolled up their sleeves and got down to business.

If one thing is true, it’s that BTS‘s members put the “arm” in ARMY!


In Episode 92 of Run BTS!, BTS voted “O” (agree) or “X” (disagree) in a game where MC read a statement, such as “V has the second-longest arms in BTS”. Then, they had to prove it.


To find out whether or not V had the second-longest arms in the team, each member had to have an arm measured. BTS are very particular about measurement accuracy, and Jungkook wasn’t about to allow cheating, so they did everything they could to ensure fair play.


That meant showing a little skin. The members who could shed layers did, and J-Hope didn’t seem to mind at all.


When Jin jokingly asked him, “Why are you flexing?“, J-Hope replied, “For the show.” He always has fans’ best interests at heart!


Next up was Worldwide Shoulders, who blessed viewers’ eyes by rolling up his sleeves.


He tried to snatch the title of “Longest Arms” by stretching and flexing…


…but it turns out that his arms aren’t quite as long as his shoulders are wide!


The longest-armed member is the tallest member, RM. When he was getting measured, J-Hope said what many viewers were probably thinking, “He’s got a good body.” What about me?” Jin complained.


In a devastating turn of events, SugaJimin, and Jungkook were all wearing long sleeves, so their “guns” stayed holstered. Thankfully, fans were given a quick peek at the arms of the last member to be measured, MC V!


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