BTS Jungkook’s Guide To Losing Games Dramatically

Things did not go his way in Episode 95 of Run BTS!.

BTS‘s Golden Maknae has a reputation for excelling at everything he does, but he met his match on Run BTS!. 

In Episode 95, BTS played jackstones, a tricky childhood game that requires coordination and quick reflexes. Jungkook passed Round 1 of jackstones with flying colors, but his winning streak ended there.

During his next turn, Jungkook sprinkled jackstones like Gordan Ramsey sprinkles seasoning, but this didn’t bring him good luck He fumbled his stones…

…and transformed into a toddler. (He’s BTS’s baby, always.)

Third times the charm? Not for Jungkook! Most of the members failed to pass Round 3, and he was no exception to the rule.

For one brief moment, things started to look up, but Jungkook was sabotaged…

…by his own hand.

With each turn, Jungkook became more frustrated. Things were not going his way.

Just when it seemed like his bad luck had run out…

…his entire world fell apart.

He was so close, and yet so far!

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