Here Are the Go-To Favorite Ice Cream Flavors of Each BTS Member

This calls for a run to the nearest Korean supermarket.

In recent days, a post regarding BTS‘s favorite ice cream flavors according to Run BTS! drew particular attention in online communities.

Run BTS! is a BTS broadcast that airs on Naver’s V App, and on the 53rd episode, each member picked out which ice cream they wanted to eat.


The oldest member, Jin picked an ice cream that tastes strongly of chocolate:

Whereas Suga went with the breaded fish ice cream with vanilla and red beans inside:

As for J-Hope, he picked the ice cream that pops in your mouth as soon as you take a bite:

And RM and Jimin both chose the slushy pear-flavored ice cream that many fruit-lovers go for:

V picked an apple-flavored soft serve ice cream with strawberry syrup on top:

And the youngest member, Jungkook went with the red bean slushy ice cream that is often the favorite of older ice cream lovers:

Just like their individual personalities, the BTS members all seem to have different taste in ice cream as well, which might call for an ice cream run for fans who might want to try all of the above.

Source: Dispatch