BTS’s Jungkook Had To Be “Sexy”, So Jin Said, “Show Us Your Abs!”

Jin represented the fandom once again on Run BTS.

BTS‘s ARMY has a supreme commander, and his name is Kim Seokjin!

Jin is ARMY’s self-appointed representative, especially when it comes to giving fans what they want. Cuteness? No problem.

Sexiness? Nailed it.

Ab flashing? Hold up. Jin is modest about showing his own skin, but he has no qualms about showing Jungkook‘s!

For instance, in the behind the scenes for Run BTS! Episode 97, Jin encouraged the staff to capture this moment.

Jungkook is stripping, please film this!

— Jin

Now ARMY’s supreme commander is at it again! In Episode 101, the members were given a feeling (such as “shocked”) to express while jumping on a trampoline. J-Hope and Jungkook’s “sexy” mission didn’t make it into the episode, but it was included in the behind the scenes.

As always, the members hyped each other up. RM told J-Hope to show them the definition of sexy…

…as he and Jungkook prepared their “Korea’s Hottest” poses.

Jin, on the other hand, had a very specific request. “Jungkook!” he shouted. “Show us your abs!”

Instead of flashing his abs, Jungkook did his own thing, but hey, nobody can say Jin didn’t try.

He always has ARMY’s best interests at heart!

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