BTS’s Jungkook Used Charades To Say An Unmentionable Word

This word game took a hilarious turn, thanks to Jungkook.

Lifehack: If you ever want to avoid saying something appropriate, just mime it like Jungkook does!

In Episode 94 of Run BTS!, BTS played what they called, “the BTS Marble game from hell”. This board game, which took 3 hours to complete, featured a hilarious round of Hunminjeongeum. Teammates JungkookJiminJ-Hope, and Suga had to form words with the Korean consonants “Dd” and “G”.

When Jin read aloud the instructions, he kept laughing to himself. It wasn’t clear why until Jungkook said–or rather, showed–his answer!

At first, Jungkook didn’t volunteer to participate because he wasn’t feeling confident about the word game. He ended up diving in anyway, and let’s just say he made a huge splash!

After Jimin answered “Dda Gwi” (“slap in the face”), Jungkook suddenly did this.

His members nearly died laughing because these charades were a bit on the naughty side!

Jungkook had mimed a word they were all thinking, but nobody was saying: “Ddong Ggo” (“anus”).

Unfortunately, Jungkook’s answer didn’t pass the test, not because of the content but because of the consonants. “Dd and G” as in “Ddong Gae” (“mutt”) would be acceptable, but “Ddong Ggo” was not because of the “Gg”.

Win or lose, this moment is going down in Run BTS! history!