BTS Couldn’t Help But Get Secondhand Embarrassment Due To J-Hope’s Comment

The members laughed at J-Hope’s comment!

While BTS are global superstars, it seems that the members still get a little embarrassed when talking about their popularity. During a recent episode of Run BTS, Korean League of Legends team T1 were guests.

When T1 was getting introduced, they were called the world stars of League of Legends.

J-Hope then commented that T1 was “The BTS of the game world.

The other members couldn’t help but laugh and got a little embarrassed by J-Hope’s comment. Suga even said, “Isn’t it embarrassing to say it yourself?

RM then told J-Hope that he should just let the subtitles of the show say things like that, and J-Hope burst with laughter.

J-Hope then defended himself, as he said, “I wanted to say something like that for once.”

Jin then decided to let J-Hope say his statement again, and he did so proudly.

Here’s the full video below!