BTS Revealed The Secret To Their Strong Teamwork

“Getting too close can also cause problems.”

Since every group’s dynamics differ, BTS shared the secret to maintaining their strong teamwork.

RM and Jin.

In response to whether the older members have to discipline the younger ones, Jin denied the need for doing so.

We get on with each other very well, which helps us maintain good teamwork. And whenever there is something, we always gather to discuss our opinions to get good results. So we don’t need to be disciplined.


J-Hope agreed and pointed out how considerate they are of one another. He added, “We respect and care for each other. I think that’s how we got here.

As the leader, RM had a particular view of their team. He said, “I often compare us to being on a boat, looking in different directions.

He elaborated further, “The seven of us were raised, and lived, in different environments with different likings. So we cannot be the same all the time.

Their differences become a strength when they “keep in mind that we are on the same boat.” They’ve also found the perfect balance between coming together and stepping back.

RM said, “Getting too close can also cause problems. So maintaining a proper distance from each other, and trusting and respecting each other, are the secret to our good teamwork.

See the members share what they’ve learned over the years to maximize their teamwork.


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