BTS Are So Lit That A Security Guard Fanboyed While On The Job

He unleashed his inner ARMY.

Fans are falling in love with a security guard who unleashed his inner ARMY at a recent BTS concert.


On March 20, BTS performed Day 1 of their 4-day LOVE YOURSELF concert in Hong Kong. Fans of all ages had the time of their lives watching BTS do what they do best.


At the beginning of the concert, BTS music videos played to gets fans hyped for the show. One of these hyped fans was a security guard who got totally into “Not Today”. He shouted along to the line “extra but ordinary”…


…and he nailed the choreography!


Fans have nothing but praise for the security guard’s impromptu show, and they loved watching him live out his “dream job”.


In fact, many fans would love to take his place!



It just goes to show that ARMYs really are everywhere, and they can be anyone!