Here’s Exactly What BTS Sees In All Of Their Sold Out Concerts

It may make you proud to be an ARMY!

BTS is one of the most popular boy groups in history, and a proof of this is how they’ve been known to sell out the largest stadiums in the world. We’re not talking just a few thousands of seats. No, they’ve sold out tens of thousands of tickets!

The following gifs may give you an idea of how big these stadiums actually are—and how popular BTS is!

With thousands of fans in attendance and the members giving their all, BTS concerts are famous for being unforgettable.

When the boys look around, they’ll see that every seat is taken.

Tens of thousands of eyes are fixated on them, and every move of theirs is savored. Imagine how loud the fanchants are for every song they perform!

ARMYs all over the world make sure that the boys can feel the abundance of love they have for them.

All the ARMY bombs shining brightly together is a breathtaking sight!


This may just be BTS’s Hyundai car advertisement, but UK ARMYs didn’t miss this chance to support them!

Whether it’s sold out concerts or car advertisements, BTS’s popularity is explosive, and ARMYs will always be there to support them!

Source: Nate