BTS Sends Heartfelt Thank You Messages For Ranking 1st On Billboard 200

They thanked all of their fans with special selfies.

After Billboard announced BTS‘s “LOVE YOURSELF: Tear” ranked 1st in the latest Billboard 200 charts, the members left thank you messages to all of their fans on Twitter.


Jin revealed how amazing and unbelievable it was to hear that they became the first K-Pop artist to top the Billboard 200 chart with 1st place!

“Billboard 200 1st place… Thank you so much for letting me wake up to such good news. I’m so amazed and it’s quite unbelievable. Thank you to everyone who listened to our songs! We’ll work even harder in the future!” — Jin


He uploaded a selfie of himself blowing a kiss to all his ARMYs.


As well as a special selfie of his worldwide handsome face just to celebrate their history-making achievement.


J-Hope soon followed suit by thanking the fans once again for the amazing news.

“Great news to start the day!!! I’m so thankful to everyone ⭐😊☺⭐” — J-Hope


J-Hope also uploaded a series of selfies to commemorate the special day.


He posted photos of himself backstage…


… as well as a cute one of his signature happy smile!


Once again, congratulations to BTS on making K-Pop history!