Here’s Why BTS Continues To Be A World Class Group, According To A Manner Coach

Respect and manners.

There have been countless episodes of people telling stories about their encounters with BTS. There is one thing in common with all of these instances: manners. Manner coach Lee Sang Hwa dives into BTS’s manners and reveals why this is crucial in becoming one of the world’s most popular boy groups.




He reveals that the first clip he ever saw of BTS was from a press conference for their album. He was shocked at what he saw. He saw that all the members of the group were writing down the questions being asked to them while holding the Q&A session.




As being someone that teaches manners and etiquette for a living, he was surprised at the mannerisms of this group. He explained that while most celebrities just answer questions right after being asked, BTS was writing down the question and taking the time to think about how they would answer the question. He revealed that taking the extra step to take in the question through writing allows for a more precise and well-thought out answer than one that is answered right away.



Another thing to point out regarding this is that this shows the respect BTS has for the reporters at the press conference. By them taking the time to write down and think about the questions shows that the group respects the reporters present and will try their best to give them an answer that truly fulfills the question.




The next clip that shocked Lee is when BTS greets each reporter after their introduction. This action shows that the members are acknowledging the reporter and is ready to listen and engage in their questions.





The last clip that surprised Lee was when a video was being played on the screen behind the members. They quickly realized that they could be in the way for others who were trying to watch the video. One by one they begin to crouch and sit down on the floor so that the reporters below them could get a better view of the screen.




He gives huge brownie points to the group for this action because in reality, they don’t need to get out of their chairs for this particular situation. But the fact that they were aware of their surroundings and took the time to understand other people’s perspectives, they felt that it was right to move out of the way for others.

He believes that even just by watching these few clips he is able to understand the power and popularity of BTS. For people that make respect and manners a part of their daily lives, they are bound to succeed in any field that they desire.






Of course all this is no surprise for BTS ARMYs as they have seen the group grow from rookies to world class stars and are known to be one of the most well-mannered and sincere groups.






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