BTS’s Choreographer Discusses The Essential Elements Of Their Success

His insider insight is included in BTS’s new Wembley interview with BBC Radio 1.

What has made BTS so successful? Performance director Son Sung Deuk weighs in on the BTS global phenomenon and the K-Pop industry as a whole.


Sung Deuk has been working behind the scenes with BTS since the very beginning, and his choreography is a major contributing factor to BTS’s stunning shows.


Last year, Adele Roberts interviewed Sung Deuk as part of BBC Radio 1‘s exclusive on BTS’s rise. His insider insight has again been included in their new “Korea to Wembley” interview with BTS, released on June 11.


According to Sung Deuk, music and dance are equally important to K-Pop. They are “essential elements” that any successful K-Pop artist needs.


BTS’s particular style is powerful and it involves popping and locking. When they first debuted, Sung Deuk said that their performance drew a lot of attention.


Music videos have also played a key role in their popularity, as MVs help K-Pop artists to spread their music and express their message.


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