BTS Share The Special Stories Behind Their “24/7=Serendipity” Exhibition

The members shared intriguing behind the scenes details that some fans might not know about yet.

BTS have shared behind the scenes stories about some of the many BTS treasures found at their “24/7=Serendipity (Five, Always)” exhibition.

“24/7=Serendipity”, BTS’s second exclusive exhibition since 2015’s “Butterfly Dream”, first opened its doors in August 2018, in Seoul. The exhibition’s slogan, “today that connects the past and future,” is a celebration of BTS’s history.


On February 5, BangtanTV uploaded a new “Bangtan Bomb” that follows the members as they explore their past. BTS act as guides for ARMYs by sharing details about things, like this painting of Suga. Jungkook said that the original painting, featured in BTS’s “Begin” short film, burned and he himself created the replica that’s shown here. He’s very proud of it too!


BTS also pointed out these customized gas masks, which each member designed. They couldn’t help cracking up at the cartoonish one made for “Anpanman”!


RM and V talked about the phone booth stage set that RM said he “destroyed”. V said he used to drop the phone every time he started “Stigma”.


At the end of the video, BTS added new messages to the exhibit. In one, RM wrote “Kim Namjoon is good-looking”, and Jin playfully added, “Kim Seokjin is more good-looking”!


For more of BTS’s history, check out the whole video here.