BTS Sheds Tears As They Reveal How Scared They Were During Their Debut

At the end of their final concert of The Wings Tour, the BTS members teared up as they reminisced about how far they’ve come.

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As the leader, RM reflected on their debut days before all the love and the fame.

“I think it’s come to a time where we reflect to our past selves.

We were so scared when we were debuting. We were so scared… that we’d fail.”

— RM


He revealed that the BTS members were very scared for their future in the beginning.

“We were scared that people won’t like us.

So together we would wonder about what we should do…

‘If we do this, will they like us?’

‘I think they’ll like us if we do this.’

We only talked about those things.”

— RM

But they never take it for granted.

“We used to be like that… but I’m always going to remember those days.

I never wanna lose those memories.

It’s a part of me. It’s our past, but we don’t want to lose it.”

— RM


“We’re definitely going to hurt in the future and we’ll face obstacles.

But I know. We know that there are so many people who love and support us.

So even if we’re hurting, we won’t be in pain.

We may be sad, but we won’t feel down.

We may be scared, but we won’t be frightened.

We’re BTS.”

— RM

He also introduced a fan letter that he received that made him realize something important.

“Among the letters that we receive, we sometimes hear something like this.

‘We’re so happy that you guys are doing well, but my dream hasn’t found its place yet.

I feel like we started together at the same time, but you’re moving farther away.

I’m definitely happy, but I also feel sad.'”

— RM

Through the letter, he found comfort and meaning for the future.

“But we didn’t trust ourselves in the beginning either.

That we’d be able to do it. That we’ll make it.

We wondered if we’d be able to hold at least one concert at a large soccer stadium before we retire.

We said, ‘No, I don’t know.'”

— RM

“So what I want to tell you is that we weren’t great since the beginning.

But we did it.

If you’re someone who’s known us…

If our existence, music, stage, photo, video or anything can reduce the pain that you feel in your dream or life…

Then that’s enough meaning for us to go on.

I love you.”

— RM

RM’s speech on behalf of the whole group brought the whole stadium to tears.


The dream that this boy group has never dared to dream, has indeed come true.


The Live Trilogy Episode 3: The Wings Tour was held in 40 cities, greeting more than 55 million fans since this February.


The group has also proved their worldwide popularity with the performance of their latest trap-infused single “Mic Drop” on Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

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It’s been a long time coming, but both BTS and A.R.M.Y all deserve every little bit of their success and dreams come true!

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Check out RM’s full speech in the video below.

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