BTS Reveal How Many CD’s They Have Actually Signed Since Debuting

Can you guess how many?

Some ARMY will be lucky enough to have something signed by BTS, whether it is an album, a piece of merchandise, or just a piece of paper. After being a group for over eight years, the members have done their fair share of writing autographs.

In a recent video, BTS showcased this as they signed versions of their latest Japanese album BTS, THE BEST. 

During the video, Jimin rightly points out that they are experts at signing CDs, and Jungkook added, “We do this a lot, you know.” Since the group debuted, Jimin thought that they must have signed over a million CDs since 2013.

Although, this is where there was some discussion between the members as they all seemed to think different things. V thought it was even higher and estimated that they signed over two million over the years, whereas Jin thought it was probably more like Jimin’s guess of one million.

Yet, after the members thought it was a bit high, Jimin admitted that he might have exaggerated the numbers a bit, but he was definitely sure that it must have been over 100,000.

With all of the members curious, it was time for Jin and RM to take a trip down memory lane and actually try and figure out the exact number. They both pointed out that there were two days where they had to sign 5,000 albums each day.

Realizing that they had released nine albums plus more Japanese special versions, the members quickly tried to do some maths to estimate the exact number.

Although it would be impossible to find the exact amount, the members came to the final conclusion that it was more likely that they’ve signed over 100,000 albums. If it was any more, the maximum would be 200,000, which is a lot considering how much time it would take to sign each.

Even though it seems like a large number, fans are constantly trying to find signed versions of the group’s albums. If you have one, then you’re seen as very lucky! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: BANGTANTV and FI