BTS Reveal Why Some Signed Copies Of “BTS, THE BEST” Might Be More Special Than Others

Could you be the lucky owner of these albums?

Having a signed BTS album is huge. It is a must-have for any ARMY with only a limited number available which makes it extremely difficult to get.

The group recently uploaded a video where they signed versions of their latest Japanese album BTS, THE BEST. If it was hard enough to find a signed album, the members revealed that some fans might get something even rarer. 

While signing the albums, J-Hope pointed out that one of the sleeves for the album had been torn. However, instead of seeing it negatively, J-Hope showcased his optimism remarking, “The torn one is limited edition.” Leader RM agreed with J-Hope’s outlook on the album, adding, “Rip-mited edition, am I right?”

It will definitely be a one-of-a-kind for whichever lucky fan gets the album, and they have proof that it was intentional. Yet, Jin didn’t seem to see it the same way saying, “You’re glamming up something ripped as a limited edition?

Luckily, if the fan is questioned about the minor damage, they can quote Jungkook, who explained that the rip “Holds our memory.

By the end of the video, Jin seemed to have changed his attitude after finding another limited edition album that a lucky ARMY will have.

Hey, this case is smashed! A broken CD case becomes a limited edition.

— Jin

It will be interesting to see whether any lucky BTS ARMY gets these two unique signed albums that hold a special place in the group’s heart. If they do, they can easily show people this video and see just how special the album really is.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: BANGTANTV and FI