The Hidden Story Behind the Shot Glasses BTS Used at Their Concert After-Party

They were from an ARMY.

BTS recently completed their LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF concerts, and following their final performance in Seoul, BTS shared a photo of their after-party.

In the photo, the members could be seen enjoying some food and drinks together, but what drew the most attention were the shot glasses that Suga and Jin were holding.

According to an ARMY who spotted this, she gifted these shot glasses to Jin during a fan meeting back in 2017.

After seeing the members still using them after 2 years, the fan couldn’t help but express her touched emotions.

Wait… Those are the soju glasses I made myself and gifted to Seokjin back in 2017. Hahahahahahahahahaha. They’re still using them? Seokjin… TT.

– Fan

It’s also been shared that BTS still uses the plates they received from a fan during their 300th-day anniversary, adding to the heartwarming vibes.

In response to this sighting, ARMYs are responding enthusiastically with comments that express, “BTS is the real deal.

Source: Insight