BTS “Spine Breaker” MV Perfectly Matches The New Spongebob Meme

BTS surprised fans with a music video for their 2014 song “Spine Breaker” and it matches the “Mocking Spongebob” meme.

The video features a move where the boys bend with “broken” spines like Spongebob in the latest meme.

This has caused a lot of amazing Mocking Spongebob x BTS memes.

Some memes even confirm that BTS is adding Spongebob as the newest member.

“Spine Breaker” was also met with fondness from long time fans, who were reminded of BTS’s early years.

In fact, after releasing the video, the song soared up to #8 on the Melon Charts.

Watch the full self-made music video below.

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