BTS’s Staff Accidentally Gave ARMY An R-Rated Lesson 

This education got lost in translation.

Over the years, BTS has taught their fans about music, art, and life, but absolutely no one was expecting this lesson!

| Run BTS/Weverse

ARMYs around the world received a startling Weverse app notification for a new episode of Bon BORAge. This educational series teaches Korean language lessons using BTS content.

| Weverse

The title of this episode? “We ate delicious hoe”. Excuse me, what? 

The Korean word “hoe” means raw fish, but “hoe” has two very different meanings in English. It can refer to a garden tool…or not.

“What is a hoe?” was not the correct answer on Jeopardy. It was, “What is a rake?”

Unsurprisingly, the comment sections for the Weverse video and its YouTube version are flooded with replies from ARMYs who loved the unintentional 19+ wordplay.


The staff later added “raw fish” to the title for clarification (while facepalming, most likely). Watch the video here:


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