BTS Tried To Bond With Their Staff On Tour, But It Wasn’t Easy

This is how the members tried to get to know them better.

BTS and their staff are more like family than co-workers, but the members are closer to some employees than others.


In the final episode of BTS’s Bring The Soul docu-series, “Energy”, the members discussed how they were trying getting closer with certain staff members. This took place during the European leg of their Love Yourself world tour.


RM said that he was trying to get to know the security team and managers better, but it wasn’t easy.


He said that an art museum (aka his favorite hangout spot) isn’t exactly the best place to bond with them.


Earlier in the episode, Jungkook went out for a drink with a couple of staff members. He recommended this as a good way connect, though it takes some liquid courage to ask them to go out in the first place.


When went out for a drink with a manager, he considered creating a group chat with him, since the manager was on his phone the whole time.


RM teased V, saying that the manager was secretly complaining about V’s drunken babbling!


V’s response was the only logical one. He punched a pillow in the cutest way possible!


Since BTS works with so many people these days, it’s impossible for them to be close with everyone, but fans are forever grateful for how the staff takes care of them, and vice versa.