An Unexpected Accident on BTS’s Stage Called for the Most Commendable Display of Teamwork

Jin ended up going a little too far past the taped area.

BTS recently performed at the SBS Super Concert where they highlighted their top hits including “IDOL”.

During this performance, each member showed off powerful dance moves and the rapping especially stood out.

But in the middle of it, Jin got into a stage accident where he went too close to the taped area on the stage and slipped.

Jin fell right to the ground, and this shocked his fellow members which led to Jimin immediately running over to him.

In addition, V was spotted immediately kneeling down to check if Jin was okay, and J-Hope continued rapping despite his worry in order to keep the show going.

Despite the surprising accident, Jimin helped Jin up and they smoothly proceeded to continue their performance as if nothing ever happened.

This just goes to show how professional BTS is even in light of accidents and mishaps, but fans can’t help but wonder if Jin was hurt in any way following that fall.

Check out the footage below:


Source: Dispatch


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