Steve Aoki Declared Himself The “Pantene Oppa”, Now BTS Fans Are Memeing It Up

“My whole life has led me to this moment.” – Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki, BTS‘s friend and collaborator, has become the “Pantene Oppa”, and now ARMY is having a field day.


It all started on October 29, when 103.7 KISS FM, an American radio station, tweeted out at the haircare brand Pantene. The station proposed that Pantene should make Steve Aoki their “Pantene Oppa”.


They also tagged Pantene, Ultra Music, and Steve Aoki in this fantastic “Pantene Oppa Squad” post.


On October 30, Steve Aoki tweeted back at Pantene and 103.7 KISS FM with a gif of his luscious locks. He said that whole life has led him to this moment!


The next day, Pantene jumped aboard the #PanteneOppa train by replying with lyrics from BTS’s and Steve Aoki’s new collaboration, “Waste It On Me”.


In response, 103.7 KISS FM encouraged BTS fans to give Pantene some #PanteneOppa ideas. That’s when things started to get crazy!


ARMYs answered the call by flooding Twitter with hilarious #PanteneOppa memes of Steve Aoki…


…and the BTS members.


One fan has even proposed a #PanteneOppa Challenge!


ARMY knows that if a BTS x Steve Aoki x Pantene collab were to happen, sales would shoot through the roof.


After all, Steve Aoki…


…and BTS…


…would be the perfect models!


To hear BTS’s and Steve Aoki’s new song, “Waste It On Me”, check out the official lyric video here.