Here’s Why BTS “Struggled” To Get Close To Other Groups In Their Earlier Days

RM had an interesting “theory” why.

The BTS members consider each other family, and their bond with each other is truly admirable.

However, it seems that their closeness to each other is a possible reason why they “struggled” to get close to other groups during their earlier days. During an episode of Yaman TV, Suga shared that since early in their career, people usually felt uncomfortable when they were around them. Suga even stated that they didn’t feel uncomfortable around other idols, but for some reason, other idols found it difficult to approach them.

RM then added that all the members trained exclusively at Big Hit Entertainment, so they didn’t have any friends from other companies that they trained with.

RM then gave an interesting “theory” that people are reluctant to approach the members since they’re always together.

Here’s the full video below.