BTS’s Suga Once Decided To Savagely Tease Bang Si Hyuk

Suga didn’t believe Bang Si Hyuk’s statement!

While BTS has a loving relationship with Bang Si Hyuk, the head of their agency (Big Hit Entertainment), they also love teasing him whenever they can!

BTS & Bang Si Hyuk

When BTS guested on the Cultwo Show, Suga decided to savagely tease Bang Si Hyuk.

BTS’s Suga

Bang Si Hyuk

It began when the members spoke about how they talked about Bang Si Hyuk on their previous appearance on the show and how it caused him to trend on search engines.

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Suga then revealed that Bang Si Hyuk had called the members, telling them, “I don’t like being mentioned on broadcasts too much“.

| fatz/YouTube

However, Suga then stated that he believes that this is a lie and that Bang Si Hyuk actually does like being mentioned on broadcasts.

| fatz/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!