BTS Suga’s Birthday Wish For Jimin From 2019 Ended Up Coming True

Suga predicting the future once again!

There have been many moments where BTS‘s Suga predicted the future, and it seems that even his birthday wishes for the members follow this!

BTS’s Suga

In 2019, Suga gave a birthday message to Jimin that was both heartwarming and savage. Suga wished Jimin a happy birthday and also wished that Jimin would eat a lot and grow taller.

Jimin, happy birthday. This year, I hope you eat more and grow taller. #It’sSugaHyung #JiminHBD #It’sNotYourBirthdayHereYet #ButIt’sPastMidnightInKorea

— Suga

Well, a year later, and Suga’s birthday wish for Jimin ended up coming true!

BTS’s Jimin

Jimin recently shared that he has gotten taller. In March of 2019, Jimin was 173.6 centimeters tall. However, in October of 2020, he grew to 174 centimeters!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Jimin was excited by this and spoke on how he caught up to Suga and that J-Hope is his next “target”.

So I caught up to Yoongi Hyung’s height. Next is J-Hope! Get ready!

— Jimin

BTS’s J-Hope