BTS’s Suga Reveals Idol Groups Are A Type Of Team That Isn’t Common In Society

BTS is the perfect example of how an idol should be.

In BTS’s Break The Silence Episode 2: You Can Call Me Idol, member Suga expresses that an idol group is a type of team that is not commonly found in society.

An idol group is a group of people that don’t know each other but have to live together and see each other every day while always being on good terms with each other and do concerts in front of a lot of people. There isn’t anything like this anywhere in the world.

⁠— Suga

He adds that this type of team is very difficult because it means that regardless of if you like it or not, you have to go through this together. “We have to constantly think about what direction we are going towards and it isn’t easy.”

He finds that by focusing what’s important for the team is what allowed them to get through it all. “We put our focus on the team while respecting everyone individually.”

He expresses that having the team succeed ultimately leads to each member individually doing well too.

Suga reveals that being close with one another like them is the best way to go as they are able to understand each other’s flaws. “In some ways we’ve become closer with each other than our families.”

| @bts_official/Twitter

It is their amazing teamwork and relationship with one another that has allowed them to push through and become the world stars they are today!

Source: theqoo


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