BTS’s Suga Once Fondly Talked About His Dog Holly, Calling Him A “Super Attention Seeker”

And he’s happy to oblige!

BTS‘s Suga is the proud owner of an adorable male poodle named Holly.

Suga and Holly | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Because of Suga’s busy schedule, Holly lives with his brother, but that hasn’t diminished his love one bit! In fact, whenever Suga talks about Holly, his eyes light up.

Suga and Holly | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Once, during a live broadcast, a fan asked Suga how Holly was doing.

Suga replied that Holly was doing just fine, but he also added a juicy bit of information—that Holly is the type of dog that craves attention!

Holly is doing fine. I think Holly loves attention.

— Suga

He described how Holly constantly tries to get his attention. He would approach Suga with a toy in his mouth, then drop it.

He walks all over me. He comes to me with a toy in his mouth. And then drops it like this…

— Suga

Whenever Suga would attempt to get the toy from Holly, Holly would bark at him.

And if I grab it, he’ll bring it back. If I try to grab it, he goes ‘Grrr.’

— Suga

Hilariously, even if Suga tried to let go, Holly would still bark at him. “Then if I let it go, he’ll go, ‘Grrr.’” Suga can’t seem to win either way, but he doesn’t seem to mind!

Another fan asked, “Don’t all dogs love attention?” He answered that Holly isn’t like most dogs.

If most dogs are attention seekers, Holly is a super attention seeker! “You might think so, but Holly is a little different. He’s a super attention seeker.

Holly and Suga are polar opposites, but that’s what makes the two of them extremely adorable!

Suga and Holly | @BTS_twt/Twitter
Source: Naver Live
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