Suga’s Ending Ments Keep Getting Interrupted For The Best Reasons

His ending talks don’t always go as planned.

Pipe down, you non-artists! Suga has something to say, but first….hold that thought.


On May 19, BTS completed the US leg of their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour in New Jersey, leaving fans with countless new memories to cherish.


At each one of their concerts, BTS speaks from the heart for their ending ments to tell fans how much fun they had, and how much they look forward to coming back again. So far on this tour, Suga’s ending talks have been interrupted a few times for the most random reasons.


Just as he was preparing to speak in New Jersey, a helicopter flew over MetLife stadium, distracting him. He pointed at it and said, in English, “Look at that!”.


The weekend before that, BTS performed on a rainy day in Chicago, at Soldier Field. Right as Suga was getting into his speech, Jungkook stole the show by jumping around in a puddle!


Suga doesn’t seem to mind these distractions. After all, unexpected moments are what make each show unique!


He was excited to see the helicopter, and he joined in Jungkook’s puddle jumping before continuing on like the pro he is!