BTS Suga And EXO Sehun’s Furry Babies Go To The Same Salon And We Need A Salon Playdate ASAP

These dads and their babies need a playdate ASAP!

BTS‘s Suga has a little furry baby named Holly. She’s been a member of the family since she was a tiny puppy when she stole Suga’s heart with her adorableness!

EXO‘s Sehun also has an adorable puppy baby named Vivi. He absolutely adores her as she frequently makes appearances on his Instagram and live videos!

But what connects these two puppies besides the fact that their dads are worldwide famous idols? They go to the same salon for grooming!

FLUFFY Pet Stylist uploaded a photo of Holly, all groomed and ready for the ball!

And it turns out that Vivi also goes to the same shop to get her glam on as well!

And so, it would make sense that these two heartthrob furry baby dads need to have a playdate at the salon together right?

And you know who they should invite to the playdate as well? SHINee‘s Taemin! He also trusts his two babies to the salon for their routine grooming.

Jung Chaeyeon is also a part of the club as she should also bring along Yangchi for a playdate!

The salon is a popular go-to salon for all the top artists as Jessi also goes there with her baby Chewie!

Will a puppy playdate between these top stars happen at the FLUFFY salon? One can only dream and hope!

Stay tuned on their Instagram feed to catch more glimpses of these adorable furry babies!