BTS’s Suga Exposed ARMYs By Bringing Up This Fandom Joke

This “secret” is out.

Suga just proved that BTS knows exactly what goes on in their fandom, and fans are shook!


On the internet, nothing is secret, but every K-Pop fandom has its own bubble where fans build a subculture. In ARMY land (aka Twitter?), fans share memes and jokes among themselves, not expecting BTS to be in on it.


News flash: they are. Jungkook previously proved it by reacting to the legendary, “Euphoria” fan chant, and now it’s Suga’s turn.


In BangtanTV‘s latest “Bangtan Bomb”, BTS celebrates RM‘s birthday. When J-Hope asks RM what kind of cake he wants to eat, Suga chimes in. He says, “Of course, it should be ‘repeating cheesecake’, right?”.


Suga is referencing a misheard lyric from his solo song, “Seesaw”. The real lyrics are romanized as, “All right banbokdwen shisogeim”, meaning, “Alright, a repeating seesaw game”. The misheard lyrics are, “All right, she dropped the cheesecake”.


ARMYs are feeling super exposed right now, and many are wondering what else BTS knows about!


Check out the whole video here: