BTS’s Suga Speaks On The Time When A Fan Unexpectedly Gave Him An Umbrella

It stopped raining as soon as the fan gave Suga the umbrella!

A fan meeting one of their favorite K-Pop idols can lead to some interesting stories. When BTS guested on the Cultwo Show, a fan shared an interesting story of when they randomly met Suga on the streets.

BTS’s Suga

During the show, a fan sent a message that talked about their experience of giving Suga an umbrella.

I went out to buy some makgeolli on a rainy day and saw Suga on the street. He was only wearing a cap, without an umbrella, so I ran to him and gave him my umbrella. But, after I gave the umbrella, it stopped raining. I went the other way to not make you feel uncomfortable, but I saw you again! You were still carrying the umbrella even if it was not raining. I was touched. I didn’t give you the umbrella because it was tiresome to carry it or anything like that.

— Fan

| fatz/YouTube

Suga then shared that he rarely goes outside and that he actually remembers this incident.

| fatz/YouTube

When asked why he was outside, Suga shared that he was going to the hardware store to buy a compass saw since he needed to cut something in his studio. While he was going to the hardware store, he encountered the fan.

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The hosts also asked Suga if he still had the umbrella, and he said that it’s probably in his studio.

| fatz/YouTube 

Here’s the full video below!