BTS’s Suga Is A Fortune Teller For His Prediction About Their Album

They were laughing at the time, but Suga was on to something.

BTS‘s Map Of The Soul: 7 was an album that fans eagerly waited for. They weren’t disappointed. As soon as it dropped, it broke records from the very start. One of them turned out to be something Suga had mentioned two years ago.

At the time, Love Yourself: Her debuted as number seven on Billboard‘s “Billboard 200” chart. It had been the only K-Pop album to break the top ten and had the biggest sales week of any K-Pop album at the time.

With such significant records broken, an interviewer asked the group what something else they’d like to accomplish that year was.

While the rest of the members were quiet, Suga didn’t have to think twice. Before anyone else could answer, he confidently stated, “Billboard Hot 10.” RM and Jimin were cracking up along with him.

Jimin kept his confidence and energy, cheering them on, “We can do it.” RM brought them down to earth just a little, instead focusing on a stadium tour as a goal. He then added, “Maybe the Billboard Top 10.” Little did they know, Suga had been onto something.

This year, in 2020, Map Of The Soul: 7 debuted at number eight on the “Billboard 200” chart, making it into the top ten. Not only that, but it’s also been sitting there for at least three weeks.

Even though it didn’t happen overnight, it looks like whatever predictions Suga comes up with eventually becomes true.

See Suga put the idea out there and watch it become real. What do you think he’ll predict next?