BTS’s Suga Doesn’t Often Get Close With People He Collaborates With For A Relatable Reason, But PSY Practically Gave Him No Choice

“I quickly learned how warm of a person he is” — Suga

PSY‘s collaboration with BTS‘s Suga is a certified huge success, with “That That” surpassing 100 million views within a week of its release. But things could have been different if PSY hadn’t gradually gotten Suga involved as much as he did. Given how seamlessly they worked together, it’s hard to believe that Suga isn’t actually used to working with others in person that much. But something about PSY was different, and pretty soon Suga even found himself starring in the MV!

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In the full interview behind the scenes of “That That,” PSY was full of praise for BTS. He was particularly impressed with Suga’s work on “Daechwita,” claiming that seeing it made him hope for a collaboration as soon as possible.

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Suga’s first impression of PSY was equally favorable. Suga was naturally nervous at first, but soon got to know how warm and approachable PSY really is, which made it easy to rely on him and stay constantly in touch.

But as it turns out, getting close with a collaborator the way he did with PSY is unusual for Suga. According to him, he rarely gets close with the people he works with because his process doesn’t usually involve meeting up in person. Instead, he normally just communicates with people through email (something that is only too relatable).

But he ended up meeting with PSY, who then continued to reach out to him. And before he knew it, Suga was not only producing, but also recording for the song and even dancing—something that he had never counted on initially.

Suga even went on to star in the MV, despite originally intending to only produce the song! PSY couldn’t help but give a hilarious ‘evil laugh’ as he recounted how he had gradually roped Suga in, saying “One step at a time, he got more and more involved, our Yoongi.”

With his warm and open personality, PSY gradually got Suga much more heavily involved in “That That” than Suga had first intended—only to achieve the best of results! The song and the amazing MV wouldn’t have been the same without Suga’s presence, so naturally a big thank you to PSY is in order.

You can watch the full interview on the link below!

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