BTS’s Suga Got His Revenge By Pulling The Biggest Prank On 20,000 ARMY

Min Yoongi gets his revenge… 

BTS members each gave a thank you message at the end of their concert in Los Angeles, California. When it was Suga’s turn to address their fans, the audience was in for a special surprise!

He first greeted everyone in the stadium and began talking about his impression of Los Angeles. But then all of a sudden, he asked everyone to look behind them.

Look at that! Look at that!… Nothing. It’s just dark. It’s a lie.

— Suga

True fans of the group immediately realized what he actually did. It was actually a long standing prank done by their own fans to the members, and Suga decided to turn the tables in a massive way!

During numerous live broadcasts, fans have been randomly asking the members to look behind them as a joke, while their vulnerable reactions streamed and reposted on various online boards.

BTS and ARMY are literally the cutest prank family ever seen!

But fans were having a field day with the prank knowing that they have been caught out and the members were not having any of it.

Well done, Suga. Well done.