Suga Speaks On BTS’s Growth And The Different Genres They’ve Done

“I think it’s a natural course of event for those of us who make pop music.”

BTS has tackled many genres over the years, and in a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, Suga spoke a bit about this.

BTS’s Suga

Interviewer Myungseok Kang spoke about how BTS has grown over the years.

BTS has really grown and changed a lot, starting with ‘No More Dream’ and all the way to ‘Permission to Dance.’

— Myungseok Kang

BTS’s Suga during the “No More Dream” era

Suga shared that he feels it’s natural that they’ve mixed and matched different genres as they’ve grown.

I think it’s a natural course of event for those of us who make pop music. Artists mix and match different genres as they grow, and the music develops as the people of its time listen to it.

— Suga

BTS’s Suga during the “Permission to Dance” era

Suga also spoke about how he’s been listening to a lot of music lately and what he’s learned from it.

I’ve been listening to a ton of music lately, and thanks to the times we live in, if I listen to a song a few times, they recommend me more songs in a similar style. And after listening to them, I realized the style of hip hop is also changing and is splitting off into different offshoots. Other than hip hop, I also listen to a lot of instrumental music. I’ve always liked Hans Zimmer’s music. There have been many times where a movie I like turns out to have music by Hans Zimmer.

— Suga

Regardless of what genre BTS tries, they have always nailed them perfectly!

Source: Weverse Magazine