BTS’s “Black Swan” Is Giving Suga Fans What They Want: Hand Holding

ARMY is in “awww” over Suga’s new “Black Swan” preview photo.

BTS‘s “Black Swan” is the gift that keeps on giving!


Ever since BTS dropped their new MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 song, “Black Swan”, fans have been brainstorming theories and hoping for sneak peeks. On January 20, BTS granted ARMY‘s wish by posting the first-ever rehearsal photos from “Black Swan” on Instagram.


Fans ate up these photos faster than Dionysus downs wine, but one photo is leaving them with a particularly sweet aftertaste.


In this photo, Suga is holding another member’s hand. Whose hand? It’s a mystery, for now, but any hand-holding for Suga is a big win, in ARMY’s books.


Since holding hands is one of Suga’s preferred ways of showing affection, fans love to see him getting some love like this.


BTS will debut their “Black Swan” choreography on January 28 during their appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

BTS To Perform “Black Swan” On “The Late Late Show With James Corden”