BTS’s Suga Recalls How Innocent Pre-Debut Jungkook Was, And It’ll Melt Your Heart

“He was a complete baby…”

At the time of BTS‘s debut, Jungkook hadn’t even reached the age of sixteen years old yet. When Suga met him, he was even younger than that.

For the group’s Japanese interview BTS Music Journey, Suga recalled his thoughts from his first time meeting their Golden Maknae.

Rather than the confident yet playful man that everyone knows now, Suga remembered how differently he’d viewed Jungkook in his youth.

Because of their age difference, Suga couldn’t help but see him as a very young child. “He was a complete baby. A real baby. We are four years apart. From my perspective, he was just a complete baby.”

Even with the naiveness that comes with being so young, Suga admitted that Jungkook didn’t entirely act like the baby he viewed him as.

Although he had an air of innocence about him, he wasn’t immature, “At that age, he wasn’t too mature but not too childish. He was a typical middle school student, simply innocent.”

Being able to witness Jungkook grow from that baby into the young man he is now must have been an unreal experience for Suga, especially since he and the members were a part of that process.

Watch Suga open up about how much of a baby Jungkook truly was. No matter how old he becomes, he’ll always still be their baby.