Fans Mistook Suga For J-Hope During This Legendary Dance Break

This video made fans do a double-take.

J-Hope and Suga aren’t easily mixed up, but one moment in BTS history confused even the most diehard fans.


On September 2, 2017, BTS collaborated with K-Pop legend Seo Taiji for Seo Taiji and Boys‘s 25th anniversary concert.


Together, they performed some of Seo Taiji and Boys’s greatest hits: “I Know,” “As The Night Deepens,” “You, In Fantasy,” “Hayeoga,” “To You,” “Class Idea,” “Come Back Home,” and one hidden track.


Dance King J-Hope has a one of a kind hip-hop style that’s impossible to replicate. Even so, Suga managed to unwittingly become J-Hope during “I Know”.


That’s right. This isn’t J-Hope.


It’s Suga, bringing all his swag to the stage!


This mix-up happened two years ago, but it’s still blowing fans’ minds!