Suga “Dumped” Jimin For Being Useless And Now We’re All Laughing

Suga proved that he will do absolutely anything to win a game.

Friendship is forever…right?


Apparently, not for BTS‘s Suga! He was prepared to throw years of Jimin‘s friendship in the trash for a totally justifiable reason.


That reason was: victory. In episode 79 of Run BTS!, Suga wanted to be a winner, and winners don’t let losers drag them into the losers’ circle, not even if that “loser” is Jimin.


Poor Mochi had it rough during BTS’s 007 treasure hunting game. The members had to collect cards from around Lotte Duty Free to win hearts from the Game Master, but Jimin had zero luck. He failed challenge after challenge!


The Behind Scene for this episode shows Jimin and Suga forming an alliance, of sorts. Suga held Jimin’s hand to prevent him from running away and finding cards on his own.


In the end, Suga didn’t just let Jimin go. He basically told him to GTFO! “I’m breaking up with you. Go away!” Suga said. “You are of no help to me.” 


Ouch! That’s harsh. You know what else is harsh? Having your BFF ignore your screams. For more of Jimin’s misadventures, click here:

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