BTS’s Suga Threw Jin Under The Bus Faster Than You Can Say, “Hey, Stob It!” 

He dropped “fact bombs” on his unhelpful helper.

Suga is great at many things, but sugar-coating the facts isn’t one of them!

In their BE-hind Story video for BE, BTS answered questions about working together on the album. “Jin said he’d be a person like the paint for our album design PM, Suga,” read from a card. “Jin, what color of paint do you think you were to Suga?” 

As soon as Jin started to answer, Suga interrupted with a savage truth bomb; “He basically meant he wouldn’t do anything.” 

So, what kind of ‘paint’ was Jin to Suga? Varnish. “The transparent kind that you use at the end,” Suga went on. “What you use to finish.” 

“That’s the most important,” Jin interjected, trying to spin the comparison in his favor. Unfortunately for him, Suga wouldn’t be stopped. “Jin was like that to me,” he said. “Like we could do without him.”

Their members burst out laughing…

…and so did Jin. “He did something, but I’m not sure what he did exactly. Like, did he even do anything?” Suga added.

Only the leJindary Worldwide Handsome could turn this around. As “varnish”, Jin said he was responsible for Suga’s mental care, making sure Suga had the energy to work on his tasks smoothly.

Watch the video here: