BTS’s Suga Jokingly Apologizes For The High Standards K-Pop Idols Face Nowadays

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi said BTS raised the bar too high!

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi was the latest guest on BTS Suga‘s web series Suchwita where the pair casually talked about their lives as idols while drinking alcohol and eating good food. Hoshi was excited to finally get to know his legendary sunbaenim (the Korean word used to refer to a senior in the same professional industry), so he showered Suga with as much praise as possible.

BTS’s Suga (left) with SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi (right) | BANGTANTV/YouTube

According to Hoshi, one of the most critical trends BTS started was adding many backup dancers for stages at award ceremonies, raising the standard for idols’ performances.

Before he could continue, Suga interrupted Hoshi by jokingly saying, “I’m really sorry for everything we did to K-Pop. We did a lot of things we shouldn’t have.

While the younger idol laughed, Suga continued by apologizing for also starting the trend of posting behind-the-scenes content for music videos and daily activities.

Hoshi reassured his sunbaenim that many K-Pop groups, including SEVENTEEN, were influenced positively by all of the efforts BTS made to connect with their fans. Still, Suga couldn’t help but feel sorry for all the extra work newer idols were obliged to do.

Eventually, even Hoshi had to admit that BTS’s impressive award ceremony performances were almost too difficult to follow. Suga laughed and explained that when his group had just debuted, they felt the need to be extra.

Watch the full episode of BTS Suga’s Suchwita featuring SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi below. Suga apologizes for the high standards BTS created in the K-Pop industry at the 16:41 mark.