BTS’s Suga Witnessed LA Dodgers Ryu Hyun Jin’s Shut out and Then Met Him in Person

Suga might be LA Dodgers and Ryu Hyun Jin’s new lucky charm.

LA Dodgers recently released a short video clip of BTS‘s Suga and LA Dodgers’ Ryu Hyun Jin‘s meeting on their official Twitter account along with the caption, “Yoongi meeting the Korean Monster.

On this day, BTS’s Suga attended LA Dodgers’ game with Atlanta Braves that took place at Dodger Stadium in LA California.

Ryu Hyun Jin, who was the starting pitcher of the game, managed to shut out the batter in the 9th inning and pushed the Dodgers to win the game.

This was Ryu Hyun Jin’s first shut out since his last one back in May of 2013.

Following the legendary game, BTS’s Min Yoongi and LA Dodgers’ Ryu Hyun Jin met in person and even shared a short conversation.

When Ryu Hyun Jin saw BTS’s Suga, he exclaimed, “I can’t believe such a big star is here” and failed to hide his excitement.

In response, Suga responded, “I can’t believe I got to watch your shut out. I came here about five years ago, but back then, Clayton was the starting pitcher.

On this day, Yoongi cheered on Ryu Hyun Jin and the Dodgers while wearing a baseball shirt with Ryu Hyun Jin’s name and number on it.

During the game, the stadium even played BTS’s hit song “IDOL” during one of the pitches.

In addition, LA Dodgers themselves couldn’t contain their excitement about BTS’s Suga’s attendance and even posted, “BTS is in the building” on their official Twitter account.

It appears that a very legendary meeting just took place and fans might start to believe that Suga is a lucky charm for LA Dodgers and Ryu Hyun Jin seeing how he was there to witness a special moment for himself.

Source: Dispatch