BTS’s Suga Is Being Lauded As A “Music Genius” For Prowess In Producing

His talents are well-loved by the public.

BTS‘s Suga proves that he’s a hit-maker by not only participating in tracks for his group, but also producing songs for other hit singers. Unlike most idol groups, BTS is known for having their members participated in their music and to very rarely diverge in solo work. Suga himself is known for his many musical talents, including featuring on tracks, lyric writing, composition, and production.

Suga recently produced Heize‘s new song “We Don’t Talk Together”, written and composed in collaboration with Heize herself. The song ranked high in music charts around the world, including Sweden, Finland, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Many love the track for Heize and her vocals, but many abroad and in Korea love how Suga produced the song.

Even more love was sent Suga’s way for his production of “eight” for IU.

This is not his first time producing tracks. He helped produce Epik High‘s album earlier this year. Though Tablo is known as the producer for Epik High, he said that it was different this time since he gave his authority over to Suga.

Suga also featured on Lee Sora‘s “Song Request”. Many fans loved the song, saying the blend of Sora’s emotional singing and Suga unique soft rapping made the song addicting to listen to. The song dominated not only local charts but also ranked 4th on the iTunes Top 200 Singles chart. It was also number one in numerous countries, including Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, and Hong Kong.

Suga plans to work with more singers in the future if the opportunity arises.