The Time BTS’s Suga Made Everyone Laugh By Pretending To Have Poor Signal

He’s hilarious 😂

BTS‘s Suga doesn’t need to do much to bring laughter to everyone around him!

In a past live broadcast, the boys pretended to be news reporters for fictional channel BTS News. Jin acted as the leading news anchor who asked reporter Suga about the release of BTS’s second studio album Wings.

Hilariously, Suga pretended to have a hard time hearing Jin! While introducing himself, he pretended to lose signal, a feigned look of confusion on his face.

Like a champ, he continued to do his job as a reporter despite connectivity issues by announcing the release of BTS’s album.

The second official of BTS is said to be released right now.

— Suga

The other BTS members couldn’t hold back their laughter as Suga continued to delay his responses.

At one point, he even put a hand to his ear as if he were trying to hear Jin more clearly. The more time passed by, the more his brows furrowed.

He pretended that the connection worsened drastically through the static noises he made on the spot.

In spite of the horrible signal, reporter Suga was able to successfully relay the news that BTS’s album was receiving a “fervent response”.

Leave it to Suga to crack everyone up! If he weren’t an idol, he’d probably be a fantastic comedian as well.

Source: Twitter