BTS’s Suga Reveals Why Female K-Pop Idols Don’t Come Near Him

It’s his complex.

In a past radio broadcast episode, the show host and BTS talked about Suga‘s legs and how shocked they were at how skinny and feminine they were.

Suga expressed that his legs were his complex in that as a guy, he wished it wasn’t so thin and pale.

He felt that his legs were too feminine and that he usually didn’t wear shorts unless he had to for an album concept.

He also revealed that his legs may be the reason why female idols don’t come near him as their legs could be compared to his.

The members and the show host joked that that may not be the only reason as to why they aren’t coming close to him.

Let’s take a look at some photos to see just how thin his legs really are.

In comparison to the other member’s, Suga’s legs to look much skinnier and paler than the others.

His legs look super pale in this photo.

How can a guy’s legs look this perfect?

This photo really depicts how skinny Suga really is.

People could really believe that these were girl legs if they didn’t know it was Suga.

We can see why this may be a complex to him because he may want to seem a bit more masculine in some instances.

What do you think of Suga’s legs? We ARMYS however love Suga regardless of what his legs look like!