Suga Is Missing From BTS’s “Lights” Teaser, And This Could Be Why

ARMYs have intriguing new theories about “Lights”.

BTS‘s first teaser for “Lights” MV just dropped, but the fandom is already abuzz with theories.


The teaser for this new Japanese single gives fans a taste of the music, hints of vocals, and dreamy imagery. The video begins with Jungkook sitting alone in a movie theater that could very well be the same Persona theater from BTS’s “Boy With Luv” MV.


Next, and Jimin walk to an ATM together, possibly to get money for a movie ticket.


J-Hope appears in the theater, unnoticed by Jungkook, followed by RM


…who may be paying tribute to this iconic scene from the movie Big Fish. 


Here’s where things take a turn toward the mysterious. After a burst of light, all of BTS’s members except for Suga and show lying in a circle. Where is he and why is he missing?


As usual, fans have theories. Some believe that this could be hinting at a new Map of the Soul intro song for Suga, entitled “Intro: Shadow”. The “shadow” is one of Carl Jung‘s archetypes that make up the human psyche. RM led the first Map of the Soul series with “Intro: Persona”.


Others think that Suga could be the focus of “Lights”, since his real name, Yoongi, means “shine” in Korean. He may be in the video looking to his members’ source of “light” from his place in the shadows.


At this time, no one really knows what “Lights” has in store for ARMY, but we’re all excited to find out! Check out the teaser here.